I had a little retro video game party over the weekend. My appartment isn’t super big but I think I made effective use of the space.  Brian who I’ve previously recorded some ‘Let’s Plays’ with was over and had all his equipment with him from streaming a fighting game tournament earlier in the day so we set up a live stream on the night and played some old games. The 1st is Harvester, a point and click adventure game that I have absolutely no memory of purchasing and knew zero about it. Then we tried some Omikron: The Nomad Soul an early David Cage game. He’s the guy who brought us games such as Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. Omikron is notable for staring David Bowie.

You can see an archive of the livestream below. It was more of a test to see if we could do it, so hopefully we’ll try again soon with something a bit more planned.