‘The Last Resort’ by Aoife Leonard is the latest audio drama project that I’ve been working on and it broadcasts at 3pm on Near FM on the 18th and 25th of January.

This project is a result of Aoife attending the Audio Drama Workshop I ran in December 2015.


Aisling and Donal are in their twenties, and both of their summers have gone to pot. Donal was supposed to be on a J1 in Miami – instead he has ended up joining his parents on their wedding anniversary trip, and is forced to spend each night with a pillow clamped around his head to block out the sound of their rampant…goings-on.

Aisling’s parents won big on the horses, and demanded that she accompany them on the family’s first ever Proper Holiday™ to act as resident babysitter. She’s stuck looking after her herd of siblings in an overcrowded caravan with less than desirable toilet facilities.

It’s looking like this could be the worst summer of their lives, until a chance meeting brings Donal and Aisling together and love blossoms! But will they be able to enjoy this new romance without their families getting in the way? The Last Resort is a comedy about going on holiday with your parents when you’re Way. Too. Old