The second series of audio drama from women writers started broadcasting in 2020, but unfortunately production was halted due to Covid-19.

The first 4 audio dramas are available now. 2 more have been recorded remotely and currently I’m currently hard at work on post production for them. A final episode is still to be recorded.

We’ve secured funding for a third series and the scripts are currently being finalised and we hope to go into production on them early in 2022.

“All Honey” by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

All honey is a dark, modern day farce about a group of friends forced to face each other’s deadly sins. The play takes place in the apartment of Ru and Luke, a couple in their early 30’s, who are throwing a housewarming party. However, their guests seem more interested in whispering in the box room than joining the festivities. Infidelities, secrets and an uninvited guest mean that Ru & Luke will have to clean up more than red wine stains and glitter. This piece is strongly concerned with people indulging in their sexual desires and letting their egos take over. All honey is about seeing your closest friends for the depraved individuals they really are.

Featuring: Finbarr Doyle, Clodagh Mooney Duggan, Maeve O Mahoney, Keith Jordan and Ashleigh Dorrel

Directed by Jeda de Brí

“Benched” by Siobhan Callaghan

Karen, a young homeless woman down and out on her luck meets Isabelle, a student from Oxford on a park bench in Dublin. When two women from polar opposite worlds collide in search of the same thing they find they have more in common than they think.

Director: Olivia Songer

Isabelle: Niamh Mcallister
Karen: Siobhan Callaghan

“Kipper” by Gemma Doorly

Tormented by an unjust past and reeling from past experiences Kerry seduces drunken Sam at a wedding. It seems like an innocent one night stand but Kerry has other ideas which will implicate Sam in a serious allegation. Will the police believe her story?

Directed by Nicola Murphy

Cast – Ciara O’Callaghan, Mike Sheehan, Fiana Toibin, Kwaku Fortune

“Allie Down the Boghole” by Megan McDonnell

The story follows Allie, a young girl in rural Ireland who is something of a latch-key child. She is, more often than not, left alone by her noticeably absent Mam and joined by her one friend, Jo, who keeps her company and tries to get Allie out of her comfort zone. Through Allie and Jo we meet the sometimes strange characters of the village and we discover the darker undertones of this isolated life. Mam’s presence is always looming in the background and there is a growing sense of unease which turns quite sinister as Allie grows closer to finding out certain truths about her life.

NOTE: Contains scenes some listeners may find distressing.

Directed by Jeda de Brí

Cast: Megan McDonnel & Bláithín Mac Gabhann