I’ve recently tried my hand at producing some retro video game ‘Let’s Plays’ as an extension of my arcadeandretro.com podcasts. With the help of Brian who is well known for his videos for the Irish fighting game community we recorded some footage from several games over an afternoon during the holiday period.


Let’s Plays are recordings of someone playing a video game and offering a subjective commentary on their experience. They’re  oddly compelling to watch. This is probably down to the fact that video games made up a major part of my youth (and are still a big part of my life) but very little content was on television, which is still a big problem to this day. But thanks to video streaming on the internet people are able to access a huge amount of content for a subject matter that is vastly popular that we’re largely deprived of with traditional broadcasters.

In a later post I’ll do up a list of some of the YouTube producers who produce content that I particularly enjoy, but for now feel free to have a look at my own ‘Let’s Play’ of Ninja Kids, an excellent side scrolling beat-em-up from Taito that was released in 1989. It’s a little rough and tumble as we were trying to get a few technical problems ironed out. But I have some ideas for future ones that I think should prove fun and we can only improve!